exceed your targets

Sales is the lifeblood of an organisation and is often an undeveloped and unfocused aspect of businesses. Sales is generally not a career people actively pursue but rather something they end up doing. Smaller companies generally do not have a sales process, have unfocused prospecting techniques, utilising social media to generate interest rather than working to a plan of action. Sales teams can also have tendencies to discount unnecessarily, undervaluing their role in the buyer/seller relationship.

Parabellum have operated with small business who are looking to grow and develop not only turnover growth, but also margin growth and ensuring sales teams do not actively waste their time on techniques and quotations which will not generate a return. Parabellum has a track record of increasing gross profit margins by 40% through proven techniques, positioning and processes, allowing businesses to scale without discounting through a sustainable process.

We Specifically work with companies in the following ways:

Positioning to increase margin

Are you struggling to charge more for your product and service? Do you have a downward trend on your margin with a sales team discounting to win business? Do you enter negotiations with customers only to lose additional margin? Do you regularly review pricing? When was your last price increase? How have you prepared pricing ahead of Brexit ensuring further erosion of margin does not occur? Are companies in your industry selling at higher margins, higher prices yet have an inferior website and marketing materials?

Export Sales

Are you looking to increase Export sales but do not know where to start? With Brexit looming do you need to diversify risk and look to export worldwide not relying on Europe in case of a no deal? Parabellum has experience of exporting to over 95 countries worldwide with at times over 70% of turnover being export. We have traded with countries such as Pakistan, India, China and South America and have positioned ourselves to be of value where local competitors are inexpensive.

Sales Forecast Disparity

Is your pipeline and sales team full of hope? Is your conversion ratio below 20%? Do you have large fluctuations in sales and need to provide more consistent sales levels for invoicing, investors, and match budget but do not know where to start?

Channel Sales

Do you rely on distribution / channel partners to distribute products to end users? Are you struggling with channel partners to increase sales or obtain regular enquiries? Have you lost a large account and need to recoup sales via your channel partners and increase sales? Do you have an underperforming channel partner and need to reevaluate the relationship or encourage sales?

Conversion Ratio

Do you lose time on tenders, professional tire kickers, completing comparative quotes only to lose sales? Do you have a team of professional visitors who visit customers promising sales which never materialise? Is the technique used more of a pleading, friend like manner rather than of commercial shrewdneess?

Market penetration, Target acquisition & Product sale growth

Are you looking to attract new clients for a new product line, or type? Are you looking to increase turnover growth and more clients are needed to achieve this? Does your company rely on a certain proportion of new clients for business turnover and are struggling to obtain new clients?


Are you an overseas manufacturer looking to develop sales within the UK? Parabellum can represent your company with marketing support, site visits, market research and enquiry generation to generate the sales required. Having previously represented overseas manufacturers within the UK we have experience of project management and arranging direct deliveries from European Countries to the UK for successful engineered projects. We can regularly report back via weekly reports, undertake joint site visits or meet at your factory for reviews. We can conduct business under your name without the expense of a UK office, ensuring local presence with an ability to address concerns quickly.