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Parabellum Business Management Consultancy works with business owners and directors as a complete business consultancy to grow and develop their company. We focus on whole business consultancy as often many functions are intertwined such as sales, marketing, and customer service that in order to achieve the required results, changes must be enacted across multiple functions rather than one department.

We have a technical understanding of products having sold previously into the power generation, utility and marine sectors, selling technical products without jargon, based on problem solving, quality, and value in a competitive environment at high margins, and at prices higher than competitors.

We work with customers in three ways:


To develop a plan of action and agreed outcomes


Enact the developed plan


Review and obtain desired results

Parabellum is short for Si vis pacem, Para Bellum, meaning if you want peace then prepare for war. If you are fully equipped in business with plans, positioning, processes, marketing and sales, business operates far more smoothly and profitably. Parabellum aims to achieve a shift whereby objectives are acted upon proactively rather than reacting to situations, and increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation.

Parabellum BMC is ran and operated by Pablo Martinez-Moore, a business degree educated individual who initially began a career at Saint-Gobain Pipelines for 5 years where he was responsible for over £12M of stock, UK pipeline production and purchasing for the UK utilities market consisting of water authorities and merchants for a company with a turnover of £144M. Pablo Martinez-Moore was also responsible for planning of manufacture and coordinated deliveries of specific projects of pipelines up to 13Km long and £9M in value throughout the UK and Ireland.

He then progressed onto Castle Pumps Ltd and as an owner and manager leading the company through sale to private equity investors, assisted the company with additional acquisitions to strengthen a £30M group. During his time at Castle Pumps he increased turnover by £1M and doubled Net profit, exporting to over 95 countries and conducting business worldwide. He has a fully auditable track record on companies house.

Real Track Record

With a vast range of knowledge, our technical understanding of products, problems and solutions means that we have the required skill set to ensure your company surpasses its targets. We’ve previously helped businesses to deliver these true results:


£ 0 M
£ 0 K
£ 0 K


£ 0 M
£ 0 K
£ 0 K

Working with Parabellum

Our services cover all key areas within your company and we offer consultancy for all business sizes. Whether you’re a Startup or have been long-established, we offer the same level of care and attention by providing honest and accurate advice. We specifically work towards your end goal, tackling any areas below to suit your business requirements.

Sales Growth

• Consultant with a track record
• Maximising profit
• Leverage and scaling


• Strategic marketing plan
• Social Media Strategy
• Website design & structure

Project Management

• Positioning company to increase revenue
• Worldwide operation
• Resource allocation
• Increase margins


• Positioning for sale and growth
• Marketing for your correct clientele
• Obtaining the value you deserve
• Website SEO

Company Acquisition

• Helping you to look in the right place
• Appealing to the right people
• Targeting acquisitions

Business Sale

• Due diligence & structuring
• Attracting investors
• Process automation


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